Judge determines preventive detention against Virgilio Hernandez

Photo: Confirmado

Hernandez said there should be specific elements for charges against him.

The judge of the Provincial Court of Pichincha issued an order of preventive detention against former Congressman Virgilio Hernandez for alleged rebellion during the October protests. The Citizen Revolution leader has described this process as «political persecution.»

“They can investigate whatever they want. We are from the opposition and we believe in democracy. They are looking for us to annihilate because they believe we are political enemies,” said Hernandez, while entering the National Court of Justice (CNJ) for his hearing.

The Prosecutor’s Office linked him to these investigations that are also carried out against Christian Gonzalez, Pablo Del Hierro, and the Prefect of Pichincha Paola Pabon.

Outside the judicial building, dozens of Hernandez’s supporters gathered in support of the Citizen Revolution leader. «We are not terrorists, we are anti-imperialist socialists,» they exclaimed while carrying banners that said: «No more political persecution.»

«I’m going to face the process here in Ecuador and I’m not leaving. The single accusation of rebellion should be a fact for everyone to realize that it is a montage,” said the former congressman.

On October 2, Hernandez said that «the government of Lenin Moreno has only one dilemma: or this economic package -which affects most of Ecuadorians- falls or the Government falls.» These statements would be the cause of his processing.

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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